Essential Oils for Anxiety – Bergamot


Over the last few months I have been hit by periods of anxiety. Sometimes it is obvious where they come from (stress, pressure, expectations) and sometimes I’m not so sure. Either way, there are several things that I can do to help myself. Yoga and meditation are always there, sometimes physical and vigorous yoga is good to move the energy, and sometimes I need to be still. One thing that I can always turn to are my essential oils. They are there for me no matter what is going on, and that feels very comforting in itself. More and more I realise that I’m not the only person to experience this (of course) and I decided to share what the oils that can help you are.

Anxiety is a chemical response in our body to outside influences or even just our private beliefs about the world around us. Often it is particularly evident when we’re in crowds or around people, feeling anxious in our interactions. Essential oils also work on a chemical level, allowing for the body to calm and self-soothe and therefore they are a great natural way to support ourselves whilst we’re working on the underlying factors of anxiety.

Today on my walk with a friend on my oil team, we both became slightly over excited talking about Bergamot, so I think I’ll start there. This was one of the first oils I bought and it has proven it’s power over and over again.


Bergamot (citrus bergamia) is a citrus plant, grown generally in southern Italy and is often too bitter to be eaten. You have probably come across it mainly in Earl Grey tea, and as flavouring in other food or in perfume.

On the emotional level Bergamot allows you to move from feeling unworthy or inadequate, to worthy and confident. This is especially helpful if you struggle with social anxiety, supporting your sense of self-confidence. Several studies have shown that Bergamot profoundly influences the nervous system helping to reduce anxiety, correct mild mood disorders, help with fatigue and depression.

What I particulalry like about Bergamot that it both calms and uplifts all at the same time. That’s why for me it is such a lovely balancing oil when I’m anxious, as sometimes I need to move the energy and sometimes I need to calm it, Bergamot does exactly that.

How to use: 

  • Diffusing is one of the easiest ways to have a continuous exposure to the benefits of the oil
  • Blend with other citrus oils or with lavender for a massage (you don’t need someone else to give you one, just massage your feet before bed)
  • Add a drop to your moisturiser (but be careful if you’re planning to expose yourself to the sun as citrus oils are photosensitizing)
  • Add a drop to water or tea for a soothing and refreshing drink (only for 100% pure oils, otherwise this may be dangerous thing to do)
  • Place a drop on a flannel and place in the bottom of the shower for a whole body immersion of the scent