Essential Oils for Anxiety - Wild Orange


Citrus oils are some of my favourite for anxiety. I first didn’t really understand how citrus oils could assist in anxiety as I find them to be uplifting, and therefore invigorating. But anxiety is, to me, an already overly energised state. This is not fully true, but that was my thinking. I thought the oils would only enhance this. Not so.

Wild orange is the oil of abundance. It is a very positive oil, as soon as yo smell it you feel positive, seriously! Right as I type this, I have orange and eucalyptus diffusing, heaven!

Here is some research on the oil:

  • Diffusing orange in the waiting room of the dentists reduced anxiety in all patients, including children.

  • Topical application of 10 drops, 3 times a day, of a 2% concentrated solution of orange oil reduced depressive symptoms better than Prozac, in a research that included 150 adults. Interestingly, 20 drops of same solution reduced its effectiveness. More isn’t always better!!

  • Inhaling orange showed that even animals felt the benefits and became calmer!

  • Orange has also lots of positive side benefits – its vapours hinder the growth of drug resistant and drug-sensitive strains of E.facealis (baceteria related to may infections especially in hospitals and when people have root canals) and E.faecium (bacetria connected to meningitis).

These finding are from: Evidence Based Essential Oil Therapy.

So how can you use it?

  • I put a drop in my palm with peppermint every morning to start the day

  • Diffusing is always a great way to spread the benefits of the oil

  • Put a drop in your water and drink a tasty orange drink

  • Put a drop into some coconut oil or your normal body lotion and use on your skin so you can smell it all day long

  • Put a drop in the bottom of the shower to infuse your whole space with the scent

  • Make a chocolate orange cheesecake, nutritious balls, smoothie or chocolate by adding a drop to your recipe (It goes so well with chocolate, don’t miss that trick!)