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I'm in VOGUE!

Sooo, my obsession with sharing pure and therapeutic grade oils from doTERRA has become so pervasive that I landed myself on the virtual pages of Vogue. How cool is that?! You can read the full article here. It’s beautifully written by Poppy Roy and it gives you lots of ideas on how to bring wellness into your life in 2019.

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What Not Celebrating Yourself Does to You

Recently I reached the level of Elite in my doTERRA business and I gained a new yoga class, my first one in London. And the same thing that often happens to me happened again. A voice inside said: “well, that’s nothing”, or “that wasn’t you, it was your team that made it happen”, or “yeah, but you still don’t have a proper salary”. This is a familiar and a very unhelpful pattern.

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Essential Oils for Anxiety – Bergamot

Over the last few months I have been hit by periods of anxiety. Sometimes it is obvious where they come from (stress, pressure, expectations) and sometimes I’m not so sure. Either way, there are several things that I can do to help myself. Yoga and meditation are always there, sometimes physical and vigorous yoga is good to move the energy, and sometimes I need to be still.

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