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No Longer and Not Yet - The Uncomfortable Space

I like to write about things once I have completed my thinking about them. I think it must be an academic trait, think your thought to its completion (or until the deadline strikes) and then write about it. But it’s harder to do that when you want to write about life. Life never seems complete and your thinking about it evolves with each new experience.

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What Not Celebrating Yourself Does to You

Recently I reached the level of Elite in my doTERRA business and I gained a new yoga class, my first one in London. And the same thing that often happens to me happened again. A voice inside said: “well, that’s nothing”, or “that wasn’t you, it was your team that made it happen”, or “yeah, but you still don’t have a proper salary”. This is a familiar and a very unhelpful pattern.

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Five Things to “Improve” Your Yoga Practice Without Doing Yoga

Sometimes we can get stuck with our yoga practice, either doing the same thing over and over or just not feeling that connection we normally feel. Rather than forcing it, I believe that there is a way to connect back to your love of yoga, and even improve your yoga practice, without doing any of it.

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