It's all about the journey...


When I started yoga eight years ago, I had the same approach to it as to everything else, I was going to master it! I was going to perfect it. But yoga had other plans for me. It gave me something much more than I expected from a few physical postures. Through yoga I have learned to meet all of myself on the mat, to face the truth of who I am and most importantly, to embrace my own journey. This is what I bring to my teaching, the surrender to our own individual journey. 

Having written a PhD thesis on trauma and fiction, I have a visceral understanding of how stories shape who we are and how they have the power to transform us. As Maya Angelou says: "Words are things. They get into your clothes, your wallpaper, in your rugs, in your upholstery and finally into you." In my classes I weave poetry, ancient and modern tales, and philosophy to help us feel deeper into who we are and how we can transform. To listen deeply into our hearts and our bodies. 



Katia qualified as a Forrest Yoga teacher with Ana Forrest in 2014. Since then she has completed Forrest Yoga Mentorship with Forrest Yoga Guardian Sandra Robinson and Yoga Anatomy course with Forrest Yoga Guardian Jambo Truong. She is studying with Tiffany Cruickshank and Yoga Medicine to complete her 500H training. In 2015 she traveled to India with Yoga Medicine to raise funds for street kids and children rescued from trafficking. She is committed to her own development and contributing to a better world through yoga. Currently she is travelling around the world and with her partner sharing ways in which we can live a more purposeful life. See

I'm passionate about the connection between the body and the mind. My studies in anatomy inform the way in which I teach, helping each person to stay within the integrity of their body. 


Through my own practice and teaching I have come to understand that yoga is a holistic path to reclaim all parts of yourself that you have become disconnected from. It will bring you a new sense of peace and energy. 


Come along on this journey