The Roots of Wellbeing

August 19th


This workshop focuses on the practices that help us build and maintain overall wellbeing. This is not just about what we do in the yoga room, but what we can take with us into our daily lives. We will practice yoga, do a short meditation and then spend some time learning about how essential oils can support us to sleep better, have stronger immunity, destress and reduce anxiety. 




• Flowing Yoga practice to move energy
• Meditation
• Breathing techniques to balance emotions
• Use of essential oils throughout
• A conversation about how Essential Oils can support us in our daily lives to live healthier and happier lives

Location: The Space at Burston, Norfolk



Price is £15 before 10th of August and £20 after

Please contact me on for booking




If cancelled less than 24h before the event, no refund will be given.