Yoga in London

Wednesdays - Forrest Flow

8-9pm at Hourglass Coffee, Stoke Newington

A slow and steady flow that focuses on deep breath, cultivating a strong connection to yourself. You will have time to explore poses in more depth and to build strength, while softening habitual tension in the body. Think stronger core and softer neck! This practice is suitable to beginners but there will be alternatives offered to all.

You can find me at Energy Yoga, St Paul’s

Tuesdays in March 2019 18.30 - 19.45

Book your class via Energy Yoga or via MoveGB




Uncover The Magic of Your Story

a forrest yoga and storytelling workshop

We all harbour our own inner stories about who we are, what we're good/bad at, and what our potential is. These stories can be empowering or destructive. In this workshop we use the power of storytelling to uncover what is magical in our own stories to reclaim our power. Through a strong and carefully designed sequence of poses we will learn to listen deep within, move our bodies in an intelligent manner and release what no longer serves us. 



For reservations or information:

Please contact me on for booking this workshop.